Saturday November 1st, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem that has something to do with: brain freeze.

Spent the morning stringing out and affixing barbed wire fencing with Kat's parents for the soon to be arriving horses (sounds like within a couple of weeks). Only managed to hammer my thumb once.

This afternoon I had some time to myself to rest while Kat took Max to a friend's birthday party, a boy we'd met through StrongStart who is just a few days older than our little man. Uploaded some of our family pictures to Facebook and took a big chunk out of the comment backlog I've got going on here. Finally within a week of being caught up!

Oh, right, more pictures. Here, have this one:

So pleased with the work our friend did for us.


What do you mean?
Of course I'm doing it right!
Now I'll just put...
Oh dear, that wasn't too bright.


Greg said...

Only hammering your thumb once seems like a win when you're outdoors in the chill and (probably) wet putting fencing in! That is another excellent picture, definitely the kind of thing you should have framed and hanging on the wall somewhere in the house. I like how Max is looking ready to grab the photographer and investigate the camera too :)
Heh, I'm pretty certain I experience your poem twice a day!

Brain freeze
His head is so well ventilated
That it whistles with every breeze
And the people stood around him
Wonder that his brain doesn't freeze.

Anonymous said...

Pins and needles made of ice
Gripping tightly like a vise.
I knew I should not have
Ate that ice cream oh so fast!

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I was pretty surprised Max didn't end up taking some of the photos himself.

Thank you for the smile your poem brought me this morning :D

Ivybennet - ah, excellent... I was hoping someone would go with this interpretation of the prompt :)

Woo hoo! Caught up on comments again!

... and I've probably just jinxed myself.