Friday November 7th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose that have something to do with: miniature.

That was a pretty fun day. All the kids and parents enjoyed the model railroad, Kat's cake was delicious, and Max loves all the gifts he received (despite our request for no gifts... because of course people bring them anyway).

This afternoon we chatted with my parents on Skype and got phone calls from other family members; plus he got to hang out with Kat's parents for a little while too. They were out working on the horse fences again because, apparently, the horses will be arriving on Sunday.

As in two days from now.

So I'll be helping them finish that up tomorrow morning, before we all go up for dinner tomorrow night to celebrate Max's birthday with family. We figured the party with his friends this morning was plenty enough for one day, and I'd say we made the right call on that one.

Oh, one last thing before I get to my take on the prompt... here's our birthday boy:

Two years already. Pretty nuts.


Such tiny little people we have found. Busy, busy, busy... they are all so very busy. Shopping at the market, going to the circus, fighting forest fires, and a thousand other activities spread out before me.

I am so big compared to them... I must be their king.


Greg said...

Max looks very like you in that first picture. Something about the eyes, I think :)
It sounds like a good weekend is being had by all! Do birthdays in your family always take at least two days? ;-) And you're bringing him birthday horses over the weekend too! That should keep excited enough to last all year....
Heh, yes, when they're that small, King... or God....

"I'd like some alcoholic midgets, please," said the middle-aged woman, with her teenage daughter in tow, firmly. The man behind the counter looked as though he was thinking, then he nodded and disappeared into the back, while the daughter looked mortified.
"Miniatures, mum!" she hissed, shoving her fists in the pockets of the jeans that stretched uncomfortably over her ample rump.
"Oh yes," said her mother, half-smiling; "I wonder what he's going to bring back then?"

Anonymous said...

Aww! Max looks so happy! Such a great photo, too. I'm glad he had a good time.

The small pale orange creature just sat on his shoulder, one splayed hand gripping the cloth if his shirt while the other was holding onto the skin of his neck. It had these small brown stripes running from its head, I would imagine, all the way down to its tail. The same hue of brown colored its eyes; eyes that were far too big for its small, arrowheaded face but stared straight at me with its mouth opened wide just the same.
I couldn’t tell if the man acknowledged the creature on his shoulder or not.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I'm getting people telling me that he looks like me more and more these days. I especially like it when they follow this by telling him how cute he is :P

We like to savor birthdays :)

Oh my, I also wonder what he's going to bring back! Should be quite the night for those two.

Ivybennet - thanks :)

Love the descriptions in your opening paragraph, and that ending sentence is... brilliant. Just sets us on another course altogether, I think. Is it real? Who is this man, whether it's real or not? Who is the narrator?

Love it.