Saturday November 29th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: fidgeting.

Inspired by another vendor at today's craft market who just could not leave her display alone. I wasn't much better, at times, but at least I had some good long stretches where I kept my hands off my wares.

Overall I'd say it went pretty well. 33 cards and 1 print sold, and I got a whole lot of very nice feedback, both from customers and other vendors. If the wind had pissed off it would have been even better. They were selling soup and a bun for lunch and apparently there were around $150 less sales this year compared to last.

At $3.50 per person, that's quite a few less people coming out.

Still though, I'm pretty happy with how my first craft market went. Definitely interested in doing it again, hopefully under better circumstances.


It needs something -
Just a nudge to the right?
There, that's perfect!
Oh... well... maybe I might...


Greg said...

So the craft market went reasonably well and there's reason to believe that if you do it again it'll go even better? That sounds like a definite win to me! Well done. As for the display... I reckon that unless you order the cards to spell out insults to the customers you're probably ok leaving them alone and letting them sell themselves, except when you need to restock certain of them :)
Heh, and a great poem that really captures your inspiration!

The doctor made an adjustment,
To stop me fidgeting and help me walk.
But it's taken away my abilities
To see, and touch, and talk!

ivybennet said...

Circlet of gold moves to and fro
Gliding across slender finger of ivory.
A cringe when the realization hits:
She’s trading one prison for another.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks :)

I would say that adjustment tradeoff did not work out in your narrator's favor!

Ivybennet - really like how you captured the emotions behind this seemingly simple scene. Nice work!