Saturday November 8th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the trailer.

Well, all the fencing is up around the horse pasture after a lot of hard work today to finish it off. All that's left now is to put in the two gates, which is on the schedule for tomorrow morning, and it'll be ready to contain our two equine visitors.

Who will no longer be arriving tomorrow. It seems a pretty major snow storm decided to visit Dawson Creek and its surrounding area, so they're going to wait a few days to let the roads be properly cleared before sending the horses southward. So, hopefully, they should still be here before the end of the week.

Max's birthday dinner at Kat's parents place, such that it was, went well. I say such that it was because he got his presents from us (a red toy car and set of wooden tools and tool belt) and his grandparents (a toy tool box absolutely stuffed with plastic tools... I'm talking pliers, ratchet wrench, a level(!)...) before dinner. The thinking was that if he got them after dinner we'd never get him back home.

Turns out? Before dinner just meant he had no interest in coming to the table once food was ready because he was utterly fascinated with his new tool collection.

"Max, you want to come eat some food?"

"No can't come, too busy."

Kat's dad ended up bringing over his dinner plate and feeding him on the living room floor. Max did finally come to the table for cake, at least.


It's cramped in here,
There's a tail in my mouth!
But I know it's not for long,
And at least we're heading south.


Greg said...

That's a bit of a shame about the horses given the work that you've done, but at least it's not going to waste! And it gives you a little extra time in case anything else comes up :)
Heh, it sounds like there was no way of winning with Max and the presents and the food that time!
And... well, that sounds like a cramped trailer to me, but it does neatly sum your post up!

The trailer
Don't pay me any mind if it seems that I'm acting cruel,
This isn't your entire life, it's just a lengthy trailer.
Don't worry that I'm ignoring you while you are acting cool,
I've surely not forgotten that you're another failure.

Anonymous said...

In a world where everything goes wrong
And only certain individuals can fix life,
One voice will determine
What sounds interesting and what does not.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I think it was good to have a bit of wiggle room to finish up any details that might have been forgotten. Especially if we were rushing to finish it off before they arrived.

Really like your opening two lines. Your other two are solid as well, of course, but I'm just really enamoured with that beginning.

Ivybennet - hah, yes, I think that sums things up quite nicely.