Friday November 28th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the animal.

The north wind, she be blowing tonight. And has been since mid-afternoon. Temperatures, unsurprisingly, have dropped accordingly.

Right now I'm just hoping the roads and sidewalks won't be too icy tomorrow morning for people to come out to the craft market. I suppose I should also be concerned about being able to get there myself...

I am behind on comments once again, but I'm at least trying to keep it to within the last week. That way I have hope that I might be able to get fully caught up whenever I have a reasonable chunk of time available for that purpose.


There is an animal outside of my house, circling it as though it intends to dig us a moat with its footsteps. It does not seem bothered by the wind or cold or dark. The way it moves suggest it could keep this up for days, maybe even weeks.

I knew, I just knew that Grandma shouldn't have shot that baby bear that had been sticking her nose and claws into our garbage cans...


Greg said...

Here's hoping it's cold and clear tomorrow then, and not icy and treacherous! Good luck with the market, whatever the weather may bring :)
Heh, nice twist at the end there, I wasn't expecting that from you! But it does fit rather well, and I can imagine it being inspired by the cold Canadian north and the howling wind :)

The animal
"This must be a misprint," said Jody as she read through the recipe, "it says to take two chicken beasts!"
Her mother looked over her shoulder and checked it. "No, it means chicken beasts," she said. "They're six times larger than chickens, have extra eyes in their shoulders so they can see people coming up behind them, have extra spurs on all of their six legs so they win fights quickly and viciously, and it's what supermarkets use to create those plastic-wrapped packages of six 'chicken' legs or frankenstein-sized chicken breasts."

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it's cold over there. We are supposed to have a lovely 61 degree day here!

The Animal

I was frozen in place, staring at the large black dog slowly approaching me, its dripping white fangs bared at me. Its ears were pointed back, its head angled low to the ground. My heart was pounding in my chest but I couldn’t find the strength within me to run.
A russet colored dog appeared suddenly from behind a nearby tree and lunged towards the other, growling and snarling as each bit and clawed the other.

Lily Wilson said...

...It was breathing, panting, snarling, and Jordan thought for a second that it wasn't what she wanted. She dreamed of a fluffy, friendly puppy. Not of a monster with sharp fangs.

Marc said...

Greg - a belated thank you for the well wishes :)

I'm not surprised you weren't expecting that from me. I had quite the internal struggle before settling on that ending.

Ah, so that's where that stuff comes from. Suitably horrific origins, I say.

Ivybennet - consider me jealous!

Eek. I'm pulling for dog number two to win this one.

Lily - no, I'd say that's definitely not what Jordan was hoping for. Maybe this one is trainable though?

(By someone else, preferably, I should think)