Tuesday November 11th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the farm tour.

This afternoon we took a drive up to Covert Farms, just north of Oliver, to attend a birthday party. I can't remember if I mentioned this before or not, so I should probably tell the whole story.

Way back when we were taking our prenatal classes, one of the other expectant mothers in the group turned out to be an old high school friend of Kat's. They hadn't seen each other in ages but reconnected quickly, and the husbands bonded pretty smoothly as well.

We've been keeping in touch ever since, meeting up when time allows. Their daughter, Ruby Mae, ended up being born just four days after Max... so yes indeed, that's whose birthday we were celebrating today.

Since Ruby Mae's dad works at Covert (he's sort of kind of the manager? I don't know, it's a wide ranging, complex sort of position), they hosted the party there. After a ride around the farm on the back of a couple trucks (thank goodness for sunshine, if not warmth) we came back to the wine lounge for soup, cake, and present openings.

Lots of fun. Took a few pictures but haven't transferred them off of my phone yet - if any of them end up being worth sharing I will try to remember to do so.


Sunshine and laughter,
good friends all around... I still
can't ignore that smell

*     *     *

Endless rows of grapes,
gardens bursting with berries -
how do we get out?


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a beautiful day. Sun, fun, food and wine. Perfect fall activities.

Farm Tour

Husks crunching under
Foot, searching for the center.
Mazes in the corn.

Apples and butters.
Tractor rides around the farm.
The country’s treasure.

Greg said...

Weren't you one of the husbands bonding? Though that does kind of sound like you got glued together somehow, like a mishap on a Home Improvement-style comedy. Or maybe Roseanne :)
A wine lounge sounds like a nice place to come back to though, so I'll be slightly envious of you for that!
I think I prefer your first haiku today, as that definitely sounds like a farm to me: pervasive smells.

The farm tour
The bull is running
Straight at us! The farmer thinks
He's a matador....

Hectare forty-two:
More wheat. Only another
Two hundred to go.

morganna said...

Apples, peaches, pears,
Cherries, all this fruit makes my
Mouth water -- yummy!

They said make a left
At the barn and I'd be fine
What's that, coming for ...

Marc said...

Ivybennet - really like the sentiment of both of yours, it's hard to pick a favorite. Maybe the first?

Greg - yeah, I was just trying to avoid writing something like 'her high school friend's husband and I'. Because apparently I couldn't come up with 'her husband and I'.

I frickin' love the voice in your second haiku. You totally nailed that one :)

Morganna - hah, really like the open ending on your second one. Though no more words would fit, no more were needed :)