Friday October 2nd, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: snack time.

I'm not quite sure how I managed to fill up the truck with produce today. I'd been thinking all week that I wouldn't have all that much to bring to the market this weekend. Then, as I was getting to the end of packing up after dinner, I began to worry I might not have space for everything.

I got it all on there, as I pretty much always do. Hopefully I won't be bringing much of it home.


"All right, it's time to get you ready for snack time."

"Oh, that's okay - I'm not feeling very hungry right now."

"Yeah... it's not time for you to have a snack."

"I don't under... where did you get that lion?"


Greg said...

I look forward to you getting to the market and discovering that you've absently-mindedly filled the truck with a small amount of produce and then random items of furniture, bags of compost and the bear that was up the telephone pole the other day. And I bet you manage to sell the bear:)
Haha, so the people abandoned on that safari managed to survive and bring a lion back with them! I'm impressed, and slightly scared at the same time!

Snack time
"Now children, what are the canonical hours?"
"First breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, high tea, dinner, supper, late-night snack, midnight feast," recited the children, their eyes aglow with the thought of food. Miss Snippet's look, directed to their teacher Miss Fotheringay, was eloquent.
"I think they're hobbits," whispered Miss Fotheringay behind her hand.

Marc said...

Greg - oh, I'd definitely have found a buyer for the bear :P

Hah, I think those are the hours Max runs on as well.