Saturday October 31st, 2015

The exercise:

In honor of Halloween, write a four line poem about something that is: spooky.

Not that there was anything spooky about my little Bob the Builder:

Though the way he transformed from Happy To Be Trick Or Treating Angel Boy to Give Me Another Sucker Or I'll Lie Face Down On This Floor In Public Demon Child was quite impressive.

I, uh, probably should have kept a closer eye on the clock so as to recognize when lunch time had arrived. Lesson learned for next year!


We left him to guard our stash
And now the candy is all gone.
So I'm thinking that maybe
My Dada is running a con...


Greg said...

Max is adorable (do builders usually wear sunglasses? That might explain some of the places I've lived in over the years...) though that candy sack is half his height! I hope he didn't manage to fill it. :) The tantrum sounds like it was unexpected and impressive too, it looks like you might have to keep an eye on his temper as he gets older.
Well, I would agree with that poem except that I remember your Diabetes. So I suspect that you're actually just covering up what the pregnant lady has done :-P

The ghosts have gathered at her bed,
To help her move to the other side.
But the thought still running through her head,
Is that she's sure that she's not died.

Marc said...

Greg - the costume actually came with plastic goggles but they didn't fit very well. And Max was quite insistent that these were his 'construction sunglasses' so... here we are :)

I feel like your poem could easily have a fifth line. A line which consisted of only a single word.