Tuesday October 27th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: acceptance.

My day-after-my-birthday celebrations... nah, I'm just messing with you. Party's over for this year.

For me, at least. Max's festivities are right around the corner.

Spent this morning in the garden, pulling out the remaining tomato plant stakes, and harvesting our beets, parsnips, and carrots. The veggies are all in storage now, for us to work our way through over the winter. Well, the remainder of fall and as much of the winter as they'll last.

Now I just need to pull up the remaining row marker stakes and harvest whatever remains of our peppers and we can till the whole thing in for another year.


With all of these flaws
and shortcomings, I just want
to accept myself

*     *     *

The ground rules are clear:
spill an innocent's blood and
you are one of us.


Greg said...

I think day-after-birthday celebrations aren't a bad idea actually, they might help you forget that you've aged again to other people :) (Why is it that the birth-day is somehow a magical marker where you instantaneously transition?). Although with that argument, you'll be talking about your week-after-birthday celebrations next!
You've still got peppers left? That's cool, they'll help make winter seem a little further away :)
I think I like your first haiku better this week, though the second one feels like it's got a story attached to it that I'd like to hear.

Autumn's crown in pass'd,
Winter accepts primacy,
Snow blankets us all.

One who accepts is
My new best friend. By summer's
End I will be free!

[The acrostic kind of turned up by itself again, but it's less inappropriate than the last time so it can stay!]

morganna said...

Black, white, tan: skin shade
Shouldn't matter at all -- we
Are all simply human.

A new taste, a new
Food -- first: strangeness, next: delight
A palate broadened.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I managed to get half of a large plastic bag's worth of peppers. A lot of them had gone soft but I was pleasantly surprised by how many good ones remained.

I was going to go with your first one this week, but then I finally got your second one and it instantly became my favorite :)

Morganna - ooh, I like both of these. Tough call, but I think the sentiment in your first wins the day for me this week.