Tuesday October 20th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku as written by: fish.

Or just about fish, if you wish. That was my original plan, but then I ended up writing two by fish, so... here we are.

The Jays are now down 3 games to 1, so they need to win 3 straight to advance to the World Series. Also known as the exact same thing they had to do last series to get to this one. At any rate, it's nice to know they have it in them.


Just keep swimming. A
mantra passed down to us by
a cultural god.

*     *     *

A worm on a hook?
Are you serious? Do I
look - ooh, it jiggled!


Greg said...

The Blue Jays do like to have a challenge ahead of them, don't they? Let's hope they don't miscount and think they need to give up another game in order to raise the stakes higher :)
Well, I was going to give you two haiku written by fish, but it turns out fish don't have a written language :( Would you accept two haiku written in fish guts if I post them to you?
It's a very tough choice between your haiku this week, and at the end it comes down to a draw. The first is fishily philosophical, and the second captures the reputed attention span of a fish very nicely!

Christmas crime: snow falls
But the goose is now a fish,
Sprouts replace bacon.

A fish in the boat
Is worth two in the hand when
you're fishing for sharks.

morganna said...

Our goldfish has gone to live with my in-laws (for real, they transported it 800 miles in a 5 gallon bucket this weekend) so here is a haiku about its experience.

Dirty water -- hard
to breathe -- sloosh -- aaaah! slosh! slosh! ugh.
New friends, clean water.

Marc said...

Greg - yes. I suppose straightforward would be a bit boring. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't complain about it though.

Uh, I'll pass on the fish guts and accept your haiku as written. Thank you for the kind offer :P

Hmm, tough call between yours this week. Leaning slightly toward the first, but only slightly.

Morganna - hah, that does not sound like a particularly fun voyage for the fish. But at least the destination seems worth it!