Saturday October 24th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: improvisation.

After an entertaining Skype chat between myself, Max, and my sister Sue first thing this morning, I drove Kat and Max up to Oliver for a family fall market and swap meet. It was put on by the home schooling group that Kat was a part of last year, so we ran into loads of people we know, which was really nice.

There were also lots of used toys for Max to check out. He played with most of them, I'm pretty sure, but the only thing we actually bought for him was a pair of sunglasses. Kat picked up a couple things as well, while I mostly tried to keep our son from breaking or stealing something.

The nights are hanging out around freezing recently. But that's all right - I've got the fireplace going now. Mmm, it's the comfy cozy time of year.


What happens next?
Your guess is as good as mine!
Because, you see,
I've forgotten my line...


Greg said...

Who was more random on the Skype chat then, you or Max? Or should I ask your sister's opinion? ;-)
Hah, I guess Max is at that age where he knows what things are but hasn't yet quite grasped the idea that you can't just take things that are there, especially if the place doesn't look like a traditional shop. Still, it sounds like you had a good time there!
Heh, I like that poem. Having done the occasional bit of improv (usually as part of an audition or warm-up) that resonates.

She said she could improvise anything:
Her house testified to that.
The neighbourhood kids call her Frankenstein,
After she improv'ed a cat.

Marc said...

Greg - Max has a gift for randomness, so it was no contest really.

Hah, I love your poem. It's fun to read aloud and has such fun content. That is a great final line :)