Saturday October 3rd, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the conclusion.

Markets are officially over and done with for this year. They ended on a positive note, despite a rather strong wind that did not let up at all. I didn't bother putting up the tent when I got there as I didn't want to deal with making sure it didn't blow back to Osoyoos. I was also wearing three layers and a toque, but I did manage to stay reasonably warm.

Sold out of the remaining Ambrosia, Salish, and Mutsu apples. Only returned with one of the five crates of Fuji apples I brought. Sold all the cucumbers, zucchini, corn, and strawberries. Moved a few butternut and acorn squash, as well as a couple pumpkins and a smattering of ornamental gourds.

It was strange to be saying goodbyes this early in the year. I think the earliest we've stopped going in previous years was mid-October. But it's been that kind of year - everything's been early.


He knows the answer now that
The facts have all been laid out;
He is utterly wrong though,
Despite his lack of doubt


Greg said...

I had to resort to the internet to find out what you meant by toque: over here it's the tall white hat worn by chefs. Eventually I discovered that (only) Canadians mean something else by it though, but that did rather ruin the image of you clutching your tall white toque in the high wind, which was apparently better than clutching the tent... :)
Your last line today really makes the poem, and me smile :)

The conclusion
It's time we brought this business to a close,
Set an ending, draw a line,
And in conclusion let us conclude
That everything is going fine.

Marc said...

Greg - sometimes I forget that toque is a Canadian term. What would you call one of those? A wool hat?

Though, now, I almost wish you hadn't bothered to looking up what I actually meant and stuck to your original understanding :D

I feel as though far too many meetings conclude in this manner when things, in fact, are not fine at all.