Saturday October 17th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the next chapter.

Well, the Jays now find themselves in a familiar position: down two games to none. At least this time it's a best of seven. Not that I'm encouraging them to go down three to none.

But, you know, if they did... it wouldn't be all over. Necessarily.

Enjoyed a non-market Saturday with my family today. Even managed to find time to shave again. Insert meaningless promises to keep on top of my facial hair here.


This chapter is finished,
Are you ready for more?
Come, turn the page -
Let's see what's in store...


Greg said...

Sounds like the Blue Jays just need a little time to get the measure of the teams they're up against before they start dominating :)
If you shave whenever you catch up with comments you can make it feel like just one task instead of two!
That's a neat little poem, I could see that at the end of a chapter in a children's book. Perhaps the last one, if you were feeling mean ;-)

The next chapter
They went for the day to Jurassic Park
And took pictures of velociraptors.
But then they got stuck as the evening turned dark
For excitement, read the next chapters!

However, I have an alternative offering if the above seems banal:

The next chapter
She'd been out all day in the cold north winds
Her skin red raw where she'd not wrapped her
Face with the scarf her friends had bought her.
She took no heed, and so the next chapped her.

Marc said...

Greg - well, I hope that's what is going on. We shall see...

Oh man, at the end of the last chapter is terribly cruel. Hahaha... and now I'm tempted.

Two poems for the price of one prompt? You're being too kind to me. That final line in your second is... spectacular. Well done, sir.