Thursday October 1st, 2015

The exercise:

Welcome to October, better known as Marc's birthday month. What? That's not what you call it? How strange.

Anyway. Write about: the quack.

Kat had a prenatal yoga class in Oliver again this week, so Max and I went with to drop her off. While she was there I took him to a nearby park, where we played until she was finished. Then we went for lunch and came back to Osoyoos.

Not a bad start to the day.

Back to harvesting and gathering produce tomorrow morning as I prepare for my final farmers market of 2015. I've been doing them by myself for the last couple of months and I'm quite, quite ready to be done.

Plus all the apples are already off the trees and we don't really have enough produce to justify attending any more markets. Not that I'm complaining at this point.


"I'm sorry, what did that quack tell you?"

"I wish you wouldn't call him that, dear."

"Well I'm certainly not going to call him a doctor!"

"You could at least show him a little bit of respect. He does have a degree, you know."

"I'm not sure that completing a psychology course at a community college qualifies him to dole out medical advice, mother."

"It was a little more than a single course, dear."

"So what? Two? Three? It doesn't matter!"

"It matters to me. You know that."

"Why? Why in the world would anyone listen to that quack?"

"I do wish you would show your father a little more respect, dear."


Greg said...

No Hallowe'en farmers' market then? Still, I can imagine that you're looking forward to the chance to rest a little on Saturday mornings! I think I may have mentioned before that I don't believe in birthdays as I hear they give you wrinkles, so I'm afraid this month will have to remain Dectober, thank-you.
Hah, I was wondering what the punch-line was going to be today, and it was a rather nice touch. I like the ebb and flow of the conversation and how each side of the argument believes that it's being only reasonable. Excellent writing!

The quack
"Did you know, Vince, that a duck's quack doesn't echo?" Dave was holding a duck under his arm and it was looking at Vince with disturbingly intelligent eyes.
"No Dave," said Vince. "That's 'cos it's not true."
"Yes it is! I read it on the internet!"
Vince rolled his eyes, but only when he was sure Dave wasn't looking. Unless he was very much mistaken, the duck had rolled its eyes too. "Why does that matter, anyway?" he asked.
"'Cos this is a duck, right?" Dave brandished the duck, which rasped mournfully. "And round the corner here is Echo Canyon. And I'm going to go and let the duck quack into the canyon and enjoy the silence."
"That sounds a bit weird," said Vince. "Are you going to look at a sandwich and enjoy not eating it next?"
"It's science!" said Dave, and Vince rolled his eyes again.
"Right Dave," he said. "Let's go and let the duck quack quietly into that dark night."
"Are you being literary, Vince?" asked Dave as they rounded the corner. Immediately the echo came back, "Ince, ince, ince."
"Definitely Maybe," said Vince, and the echo responded "hey me, baby, hey!"
Dave held the duck up, and it rasped forlornly. There was a moment of silence.
"See?" said Dave, just as the echo bellowed back "QUACK!"

Marc said...

Greg - ah, I always enjoy a visit from these two. This may be the most absurd entry yet.

That's a good thing, obviously :)