Monday October 19th, 2015

The exercise:

Write about: victory.

Thank you, Canada. Thank you very much.

Oh, and the Blue Jays won tonight as well.

Good day all around.


Free at last, free at last. Oh my goodness does it ever feel good to be free at last.

Listen. I know I'm not going to love everything Trudeau and the Liberals do in office. I know he's going to make mistakes. I know his time as Prime Minister will not go exactly as planned.

But, right now? I am grateful for a change in leadership. I am thankful that my country has given him a chance to see what he can do for us. I am excited about the possibilities. I am proud of the man who is about to become the international face of Canada.

Most of all, though, I am just so friggin' glad to see the end of Harper and his Conservative government. I was going to say 'and the Conservatives' but I'm aware that they're not going anywhere. And I suspect that I will dislike their next leader as much as I did this one (despise is the better word but I'm in a generous mood).

It has been nearly a decade since we've had a different man in this role. That is a long time to not be proud of your country's leader. No, I should be more honest. That is a long time to be embarrassed by my country's leader.

That changed tonight. Not only am I proud, not only am I no longer embarrassed, I am actually excited about the man who is about to become my Prime Minister. What a breath of fresh air his speech was tonight. What a total change in direction from the personality and politics of the man he shall replace. Unity over division, positivity over negativity.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring in Canadian politics. But tonight... tonight I am happy.


Greg said...

That article you linked you got a lot of comments! So... Canada's going for political dynasties now? That could be interesting :) It does sound like a positive result though, and while I know little of Harper I know that I rarely heard his name mentioned on a positive note, so I, too, suspect that this is a good thing. Congratulations!
And it's very nice to see an editorial from you again, they're as well written as always!

"Chefs, you have five minutes left," came the announcement, and the five chefs still in the Top Chef:Ruthless competition hurried around plating up their dishes. It had been a roller-coaster ride of a show so far, with chefs throwing sous-chefs, other chefs, and the occasional sublebrity under the bus in an effort to justify why they should still be in the competition. Last week was already being considered an ignominious low for the show where a chef (still in the competition!) had deep fried the contents of several reality tv show 'star's handbags and wallets and served it up to them.
"Gritty," one of them had said through a mouthful of battered pocket change, while another had declared her lipstick-tempura to be the best thing she'd ever eaten.

"We find your dish very interesting, Chef," said Rachl (no 'e') looking at the platter before the judges. "Er, your theme was, er,"
"Victory," supplied Chef Rosenthaler
"Ah yes, right. So we have... a mountain of brussel sprouts carved to look like skulls...,"
"They seem to have the faces of the other chefs," said an observant judge to the left. Chef Rosenthaler beamed.
"On top of which is rather more of a chicken than I was expecting," continued Rachl.
"It looks like you," said the judge to the left, earning himself a look of pure hatred.
"And the chicken is speared through with a lemongrass skewer," she said, "and behind it is a port reduction with shallots, ginger, and chilli. That might be construed as the chicken's lifeblood?"
The Chef beamed.
"And this is... the least controversial of the dishes we're judging?"

morganna said...

Victoria they named her
Against all expectations
She built an empire
The largest the world will ever see.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks :D

Hah, that sounds like quite the show. I think I would actually watch it!

Morganna - love the take on the prompt. Unexpected by totally appropriate. Very nicely done as well :)