Wednesday October 21st, 2015

The exercise:

Write about: the rallying cry.

Here we go again. At least, I hope so. Game six goes Friday night in Kansas City. Game seven will hopefully be the Saturday feature in KC.

My birthday, apparently, is less than a week away. Which means Max turns three in just over two weeks. Squeeze Halloween in between the two and it makes for a crazy time of year.


These recent times have been terribly dark. They have, unquestionably, left their mark. Far from a walk in the park, it has been more like leaking blood while swimming with a shark.

But now, at last, a change is at hand. Can't you feel it sweeping across our land? Sure, it wasn't planned, but our hidden, passionate fires have been fanned. It is time to get up off our knees and stand!

These tyrants will cower in fear when our mighty army draws near. We have no need for bow or spear in order to stand atop the ramparts and cheer. Our time is here, this is our hour, our day, our year. And to think... it all began with a single tear.


Greg said...

Wow, I knew your birthday was around this time of year but I didn't realise it was so close! Do you have anything special planned, or are you just going to be bent over a hot sewing machine working on a Hallowe'en costume for Max?
Ah, your poetic prose! I haven't seen that in a while, and it makes a welcome return :) I like the second paragraph best for the rhythm you get going there, it's very fluid and kind of draws you in... or under! And I do like the note of optimism right at the end, with the reference to the single tear.

the rallying cry
"Well folks, welcome to Merritt, where we'll be watching and commentating on the Pacific Forest Rally. As many of you will know, Boris Djordevic will be leading off with his co-pilot Chris Kremer, both native Albertans. We'll be talking to Boris in just a moment, after these words from our sponsors, The Food Network!"
"Off air!"
"Joe, what the eff is this? This has to be wrong, how can the Food Network be sponsoring rallying?"
"Yeah, they're new this season." Joe, a heavyset guy with a full beard was nevertheless trying to hide behind his clipboard. "Apparantly the emissions scandal hit the automakers hard, and, well...."
"You have to be kidding me! What are they going to do? Stick a spatula on the hood of every car? Get some celebrity chef to come and help out with the commentary?"
"No, Darryl, we vetoed that idea."
"They had that idea?"
"It's cool, they're not doing that much."
"Then what are they doing?"
Joe cringed. "Well, they did try and get us to agree that the co-pilot would be a chef–" The sound of Darryl's face-palm could be heard in the next studio. "Damn it, Darryl, you're on the air in five. Make-up!"
"You're changing the subject, Joe."
"Fine, fine. At the end of every stage the driver and the co-pilot get out and compete in a cook-off. The winner is the driver for the next stage."
Darryl's face was a picture of misery. "Why Joe, why? Are they trying to make fans of the rallying cry?"

Marc said...

Greg - probably just going out for lunch with Kat while Max keeps her parents entertained. My birthdays tend to be pretty quiet affairs :)

Hah, no. I'm hoping to pick up a costume for him tomorrow actually. Though I'd prefer for it to be a surprise and that might be difficult to pull off if he's with me...

Great back and forth between Joe and Darryl, easily my favorite part of your writing today. And the take on the prompt is rather impressive as well :)