Friday May 13th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the investigator.

Work went smoothly this morning, with things being just the right amount of busy for time to fly by. This afternoon I ran a couple errands in town, thought about shaving, rested instead, and then joined everyone on the farm for dinner at Kat's parents house.

Kat's aunt and cousin are visiting from Kamloops, so it was a full house. Natalie and Max were having great fun after dinner playing hide and seek with Kat's cousin - she's like another aunt to them. It's too bad she can't come for a visit more often.


I sit back and survey the landscape of my desk, holding a neglected cup of coffee in my left hand. A casual observer would likely suggest that my work space is messy, chaotic even. Can't say they'd be totally wrong, but I see the order and the connecting dots and it relaxes me.

I wish I could say the same about the contents of each of the files currently making up the leaning towers and shifting buildings of my desk, but I suppose then I'd be in a line of work that didn't scratch this itch for adventure I can't seem to live without.


Greg said...

Is thinking about shaving as effective as shaving? I might have to try that myself if it works, since shaving is a chore. I remember Kamloops... pretty, and the only place I've seen someone wearing cowboy get-up like it was their job :)
Your investigator sounds like he's not at home with paperwork! I like the scene you've set, but it definitely needs a little more development. Another one for you to-be-continued list?

The Investigator
The rain fell from the leaden sky like a professional mourner's tears: heavy and wet but with no real emotion driving it. I shlepped alongside the highway, splashed every seven seconds by another passing car, and tried not to think about how I'd ended up here, following the footsteps of a dead man with the right ear of a living man in my shirt pocket. Finally the safety barriers turned into a mess of tangled metal and I knew I'd reached the point where Charles Frendo's car had left the road and bounced down the hill like a Slinky on acid.
I flexed my shoulders: it was time to Investigate.

Marc said...

Greg - I wish. Turned out, I had to actually shave to get the hair off my face. Blargh.

Yeah, I could see this one being continued at some point. I shall add it to the pile!

Great opening line. A delightfully grim second line. A fine pair of finishing lines, with the definite highlight being the Slinky reference.

Overall? Great work :)