Saturday May 7th, 2016

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: teamwork.

As of today, Max is officially 3.5 years old. Not sure where the time has gone.

Speaking of 3.5, that's also how many weeks old Miles is. As if the passage of time didn't have little enough meaning already...

Max and I spent the morning working in the garden. I mulched the strawberries while he sometimes helped and sometimes did his own thing (he brought some of his tools out there with him). Did more of the same after dinner, and now we're down to the last row needing to be mulched.

Which is good, considering Adam found the first two ripe berries this afternoon while he was doing some mulching himself.


Teamwork is not always
Exactly as it seems.
You think we suck but really
We're just on different teams...


Greg said...

So 3.5 is the age difference between the brothers then? That's not a bad gap to have :) And well done on finding probably the only time when their ages are so related -- 3.5 years and 3.5 weeks is a good score!
I bet Max's doing his own thing was more entertaining to watch than him helping, though I can't even begin to guess what else he might have been doing with his own tools!
I really like your poem, the punchline is perfect. Exactly how I like situations to play out :)

When ssnakess get involved en masse,
It ssoon turnss into teamwork.
And when those ssnakess have class,
You end up with new steamworks

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I think it's going to work out pretty nicely. It's hard to imagine having them any closer together!

Max found some bamboo sticks that we use in the peas and was building bridges with his hammer and saw and drill, if I recall correctly. And yes, it was pretty entertaining :)

Thanks for the kind words on mine! You somehow managed to creep me out solely through the way you spelled snakes. Also, that bit about steamworks in your final line has me concerned...