Tuesday May 17th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: torture.

Why yes, I did spend 5 hours picking strawberries today... why do you ask?

It was the first full pick of the year and it served a couple purposes. Firstly, we needed the ripe berries off the plants before they started to rot. Secondly, the bakery wanted six pints. Thirdly, I'm trading strawberries for haircuts for both myself and Max tomorrow afternoon.

And fourthly... to see just how many were ready, in order to give us a clearer picture on whether or not it would be worth going to the farmers market this weekend. Judging by what came off the plants today... Friday's pick is going on a little road trip to Penticton Saturday morning.

Currently not looking forward to my shift at the bakery tomorrow morning, what with an aching back and terribly sore legs. Maybe a good night's sleep will change my point of view?


My shaking body
is making my brain invent
brand new words for pain

*     *     *

"I will never talk!"
They always say that. At first.
I enjoy my work.


Greg said...

At least the sore back and shaking legs are from exercise and not the flu. It's definitely a better kind of pain :) Five hours sounds like there were a lot more strawberries ready than you were prepared for though... hopefully a good thing, despite all the exercise? And maybe now you'll listen to my ideas more and start growing strawberries in raised beds so that they're at waist height and you can just walk along and pick the strawberries off easily :) As well as occasionally losing children in the maze of rows while they play hide and seek :)

I like your first haiku better today because I love the body-brain dichotomy and the implications of it!

Drip. Drip-drip. D––––––rip.
Chinese water torture's a
leaking tap at night.

Lady Gaga sings
For hours at Max's party...
Daddy is tortured.

[Not sure how to count syllables when trying to copy the sound of water erratically dripping; add more 'Drips' if you need them]

Marc said...

Greg - yes, I suppose you're right. Still not fun though.

I think the way you've written your first haiku works perfectly. So that's my favorite. Also: I'm just pretending you only wrote one this week :P