Sunday May 8th, 2016

The exercise:

Write something about: the troops.

Had a productive and happy Mother's Day here today. Gave Kat a fun and impractical gift after breakfast, then spent the rest of the morning doing chores around the house that have been neglected for too long (mowed the lawn, washed the bathtub, bathroom sink, and toilet, got caught up on laundry and dishes).

This afternoon all four of us made the trip in to town to check out a small market (ended up buying a couple jars of local juice - pear and grape) and then we went to Kat's brother's place for a big family dinner. Kat's parents were there, along with Becky's visiting mom and aunt. Good food and good company.

Then we got the boys home and struggled to get the both of them to sleep. So now I'm quite exhausted and ready for bed myself.


"We need to rally the troops!"

"... why?"

"We need... what do you mean, why?"

"I'd think that one's pretty obvious. It's a one word question. This isn't like that time I asked you to call the president of France and only speak in German."

"Yes, well, I don't think you ever did properly explain that one."

"I disagree."

"... what were we talking about again?"

"You said the troops need rallying. I'd like to know why."

"Right. Okay. It's just that they look as though they could use some cheering up. Don't you think?"

"What do they have to be upset about?"

"... you mean besides the near constant threat of death and or dismemberment?"

"People in big cities live with that feeling every day, you don't see them getting inspirational speeches and what not."

"They also have access to coffee."

"So do our troo... wait, do they?"

"No, sir. We ran out yesterday and the next shipment isn't due until the end of the month."

"Good God man! We need to rally the troops!"


morganna said...

Sorry to have been gone so long -- walking pnuemonia made the rounds of our house. We are all well now -- it is so nice to want to be doing things again!

Hacking and coughing
They line up for drill
Brave men, a sick ward in the drizzle,
They're the only ones left
Our last stand awaits.

Greg said...

@Morganna: ouch, that doesn't sound nice! It's good to to have you healthy and back again :) And your poem seems to draw on that illness for strength, as your poor troops don't seem to have much hope!

@Marc: Was the impractical gift for Kat as funny for her as it was for you? ;-) Sounds like you had a busy day, but with definite bright spots in it!
I completely understand why you'd talk to the President of France only in German by the way. Just sayin'. I like the interaction between your CO and his staff, and I like how you gradually led up to the real problem that needed the solution: the lack of coffee. Nicely done. And yes, I understand the feeling of threat of near death too....

The troops
Grasslands now.
Uneven underfoot, odds troughs and narrow dips,
Long trenches fit for men with undernourished hips,
Late evening sunlight plays upon the white-bleached tips...
Every bone remains unburied.

They stood their ground.
They held their post while the world turned black and grey,
They stood like statues when their friends had run away,
They stood their ground and their defence carried the day...
They're not forgotten.

Marc said...

Morganna - sorry to hear that your absence was due to illness(es). Glad you're feeling better and back with us again :)

Fantastic poem to come back with as well. Great imagery and atmosphere in there.

Greg - she enjoyed it, yes. Thank goodness! :)

Some brilliant imagery in yours. Really like the emotion and sentiment here too. A change of pace for you, and one that you handled masterfully.