Wednesday May 4th, 2016

The exercise:

Write something that has to do with: Star Wars.

Because I had to cave in to the whole "May the 4th be with you" thing eventually. Plus I've never written anything to do with this setting, so I thought maybe it's time to do that.

Took Miles up to Penticton this afternoon for our second to last midwife appointment. He's at 9 pounds 6 ounces now, up another pound in the last 8 days. Everything's looking good so far.

Max stayed here with my parents and it sounds like they had a pretty great time together. They're heading back home tomorrow morning and I know we'll all miss them being here. Planning on going out to see them in August, so hopefully that works out.

My voice is starting to come back to me. I think tomorrow it should be back to normal. Or close, at least.


A walker across the sky,
You're like a god among mortals.
Through windows I see other worlds,
While you go straight through the portals.

They say the Force is strong with you,
Like no one who has come before.
Others may fear your shadow,
But I want you as my mentor.

Teach me your secrets and ways,
Show me the path to true glory!
So that one day the scholars
Will be writing down my story.

Why would you refuse my request?
Are you scared of what I can do?
Fine, I'll find another master...
And then come looking for you.


Greg said...

I think this is the point at which I catch up on comments again for this week :) I've spent most of it in Budapest, in Hungary, for work. It's a lovely city and I did manage, one evening, to get down to the Danube with some colleagues and see that (and eat in the Argentinian Steakhouse for a fantastic meal), and we went up to the castle and saw the view there as well as Dracula's catacombs, so it's not been all work. But it has been every bit as busy. I know where I'm being sent to next week, but I'm under orders not to offer any more details until after everything wraps up, so I'll have to tell you about that later :)
I think you've managed to capture a lot of the general plot of the Star Wars universe in that poem. I don't know if you're watching any of the new movies (I haven't, but then I thought the originals were pretty dire in a lot of places) but I hear they're not getting the best reviews.
I appreciate that you're the only one who should do editorials on your blog... but I'm rude like that :-P

Star Wars
You should consider doing a space opera week, or even having space opera for the year-long theme next year :) Perhaps not exactly in the Star Wars universe (there's probably copyright...) but it would definitely be fun to have intelligent spaceships (running Windows Hyperspace edition!), weapons of mass destructions (Microsoft 4TW Death Ray, guaranteed three times more destructive than Word!), unspeakable aliens ("for pronouncing our name wrong repeatedly in front of the Galactic Council we sentence you to travel at less than light-speed for four hundred years!") and futuristic technology ("your umphlaxis needs upgrading... and it's going to cost you... do you know how many negatronic particles we have to put in that thing? And then there's the topological manifold inverter... we have to go and stand in front of the Galactic Council and get permission to refold them and it's always the XBTKLL'tyhgnTTGVS we have to ask..."). Oh, and languages! I can play with Odnose B again, the only language known to have actively tried to kill its speakers :)
We should do this!

Marc said...

Greg - I think this is the point where I'm finally within two weeks of catching up on comments... so there's that.

Budapest sounds interesting, I'd love to go there one day. I'm glad you managed to fit in some non-work stuff! And now I'm all curious about your mysterious next destination...

Hah, you've got some fun ideas for that. I'll have to consider it for next year, or at least a full week's worth of prompts if I can't wait that long to get into this :)