Tuesday May 31st, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the Wizard of Oz.

Sold over two hundred pounds of strawberries today. Still had a few left in the garden that we didn't get to picking until after dinner. Probably close to another fifty pounds in the cooler tonight, twenty of which we've already promised to a local restaurant that emailed this evening to ask if we had any available.

People are bonkers for strawberries.

I'm getting close to being done with them, but I expect another big pick for the market this weekend. Not sure what we'll get in a week's time, but hopefully it'll be enough to satisfy the orders we've already got.

Oh, so Max last night. He slept until around 3. Was a little more awake than usual for his snack, but I managed to get him back to sleep within half an hour. Didn't wake up again until his usual 6:30 internal alarm went off.

So full of energy this morning. Was nice to see him well rested for once.


We're off to see the
blizzard, the wonderful... hold
on. That can't be right...

*     *     *

If he's so great and
powerful, why can't he make
the road less bumpy?


Greg said...

I'm very impressed that you've gotten that many strawberries out of the garden! As far as I can tell from the various units and quantities that you've posted you've probably gotten over a thousand pounds of strawberries so far, and sold most of them too! That's half a tonne... that's a lot!
I like your first haiku better today; I'd definitely go and see the blizzard myself!

The Wizard of Oz
Flying monkeys swarm
over the great wizard Oz.
The witch wins this time.

The yellow brick road
Is painted with Munchkin blood.
Oz is a tyrant.

Marc said...

Greg - god, that is a lot of strawberries. And to think, next year we'll likely have even more...

Hard to choose between yours this go around. Hate to admit it, but I think your second wins it... there's just so much (admittedly horrific) story to be told there.