Friday May 20th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: helter-skelter.

Picked strawberries this morning. Not enough to make the trip to Penticton worthwhile (especially if it's going to rain like the forecast says it will). When I left for work after lunch things were still up in the air as to what we were going to do with what we had - email local customers to come get them tomorrow, take them all to a restaurant...

Turns out? Becky got us in to the Osoyoos market, so I guess I'll be helping out with that in the morning instead. Hopefully it won't be too rainy and enough people will come out to make it worth doing.

If not, we'll be taking any leftovers to the restaurant anyway.

All right, fell asleep getting Max back to bed. Should get this done so I can go squeeze in another hour of sleep.

Edit: it would seem that Max can't stay asleep and I can't stay awake. Fun combination!


Helter-skelter, my plans become mumble jumble. The day begins to crumble as I slip and stumble through it all. I fumble the ball, I bumble it all.

So watch out today, this bear is going to grumble.


Greg said...

Sounds like you're every bit as busy as you predicted you would be, though I am amused that Max is awake and watching you sleep. That's a neat role reversal... I told you you were acting old :-P Hopefully the Osoyoos market is closer, and easier to escape from if you sell everything early!
Hah, I'm sure everyone's looking forward to you being grumpy tomorrow! I hope you get enough sleep, at least so your helter-skelter words don't keep running through your head.

"Hey John, how long did it take us to climb up this helter-skelter?" Guy's words were hard to hear as the wind whistling past them pulled them away as they slid round and round down the tower.
"Thirty seconds or so, why?"
"Because we've been sliding down for over five minutes now...."

Marc said...

Greg - acting old? I'm pretty sure I *am* old at this point...

That sounds like a fun amusement park ride. Unfortunately for John and Guy, I don't think they are on an amusement park ride...