Saturday May 21st, 2016

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: making do.

Had a mostly rainy market in Osoyoos this morning. But in the end we sold 66 of the 67 pints of strawberries we brought, and Becky sold a few of her homemade signs, so I think it went pretty well.

My sister Sue and her husband Jake arrived yesterday for a visit that will last until next Friday. They're renting a cabin just south of Penticton, in order to both give us some space and for them to do some wine touring while they're in the area.

They came to our place this afternoon and stayed for dinner. It did not take Max very long to get warmed up to them again. At all.

He is quite the character.


Yes, 'tis much deeper than a well,
And wider than a church door too!
In the matter of a latrine,
It looks like we'll be making do!


Greg said...

That's a lot of pints of strawberries to sell, especially given the rain. I like to think your strawberries cheered people up when they saw them. What kind of homemade signs is Becky selling then? Perhaps you could put one on the deer gate for when you share that picture with us :)
Your latrine sounds fascinating, in the "I'm glad I don't have to use it" kind of way. I'm assuming they're commonplace in rural Canada!

Making do
She ate all the chickens and slaughtered the pigs,
She sold the cows and sent the horses to become glue.
I came back home to sheer disaster,
But the au pair claimed she was only making do!

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I felt like we were selling containers of sunshine and warmth on a cold and cloudy day.

Becky is making wooden signs, with stencil/spray painted sayings and things on them. She's got a couple 'Grandpa's Workshop' signs with pictures of kids toys on them. That sort of thing.

Actually, I think she has a Facebook page for her business. I'll have to share it in a post.

Argh, deer fence picture. Right, right.

Haha, I was not expecting the 'she' to be revealed as an au pair in your final line. Nicely done!

And now... sleep?