Tuesday May 10th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: devastation.

Finally got around to seeding beets and carrots in the garden this morning. Also got a bit of weeding done in the garlic and in our row of greens. Felt good to get back on track with farm stuff, especially because there isn't a whole lot to deal with this year.

With Max not being in daycare today I seem to have lost any and all concept of what day it is. Change one thing in my routine...


His tracks are erased
by a tsunami of tears.
What a heartbreaker.

*     *     *

The wildfires raged
for weeks, turning the city
into mounds of ash


Greg said...

Sounds like a productive day, certainly, but that little change made you lose track of time? At least I only lose track of time after flying to distant cities and back in short times and early mornings :-P
I think I like your second haiku better today, though I hope it's not prophetic given you do seem to have the odd wildfire up there from time to time!

She breezes through here,
Demanding, complaining, a-
sulk. Divastation.

Moscow in summer
Passes by the train. Next stop
is Deva Station.

Marc said...

Greg - my second was inspired by the massive fires around Fort McMurray (I'll let you Google it if you wish). So far nothing in our area this year, but it's early still.

Oh man. Two clever tweaks on the prompt. Makes it hard to pick a favorite, though I think... no... yeah, okay, your first takes it this week :)