Tuesday May 24th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: sharks.

Between myself, Adam, Becky, Sue, and Jake, we harvested about 125 pounds of strawberries over the last two days. This afternoon they all went off to good homes and appreciative bellies.

And we didn't even pick all of what was ready.

Kat's parents went out and finished the pick this afternoon and, at very minimum, got another 50 pounds. Probably closer to 60, but I didn't feel any need to weigh what I saw in the cooler.

Friday's pick for the market shall be interesting.

Back at the bakery tomorrow morning at 8. I've already set my alarm, just in case I fall asleep on the couch yet again.


I have changed my ways.
When tempted, I just repeat:
Fish are friends, not food.

*     *     *

With all those sharp teeth
and lethal muscles, people
still fear the fin most


Greg said...

You seem to go through busy patches and then slower patches... I'm trying to decide if that's better than my approach to life where I work until I collapse and have to recover. Hmm. Tough choice. I hope the alarm wakes up after a refreshing sleep though!
That's a lot of strawberries you picked; given that a strawberry can't weigh much more than about 4oz tops that's over 500 strawberries picked, and probably closer to 1000. Which is a lot of bending down for people... your thighs are going to hurt again tomorrow!
I think I like your first haiku better this week for the motto to be repeated, and I'm ignoring your cruel comments about me only writing one haiku last week in your opinion.

In the old pool hall
Sharks cruise. They lean against walls
And pretend boredom.

A treat: shark's fin soup
With bonsai sharks swimming fast
-- catch them with your spoon!

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, strawberry season is definitely my busiest time of year. Quite glad we've reached the end of that.

Sometimes, to pass the time, I'll start counting how many strawberries go into each pint I'm picking. Depending on size, it usually ended up in the 25 to 30 range. It adds up in a hurry...

I honestly don't remember a) you writing only one haiku, and b) what I said about it. Hurray for memory loss!

I was quite convinced your first would be my favorite after reading it... but then I got to your second, and that image of tiny sharks swimming around in a bowl of soup. Can't top that!