Friday November 4th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the moving company.

Had a successful trip to Penticton this morning. Got back just in time to spend the afternoon helping a friend's mom and dad move into their place just around the corner from us.

I think am in danger of becoming a professional mover.

Anyway, I am tired and sore and I've got a long day at the bakery ahead of me tomorrow. So I'll just get on with the writing, if you don't mind too much.


The boxes are perfectly packed, not an item unaccounted for, nor a fragile heirloom so much as scratched. We are exactly on schedule, as promised. Our clients will be supremely pleased with our work, of that I am utterly certain.

Now... if we could only remember where we parked the truck...


Greg said...

Professional mover might not be a bad not-quite-full-time occupation you know :) And it'll keep you warm in winter, save you money on gym membership fees and you can co-opt Max and Miles once they're old enough. You could create a professional-mover dynasty!
Hah, and your four-line prose neatly summarises the only issue I guess you might have... :-D

The moving company
"They were here last Saturday, but I can't find them now!"
"Yes, Jane, but they're the moving company."
"What's that supposed to mean, Dale?"
"Well, they've moved... that's what they do...."

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, give it a few years and we'll be Father and Sons Moving Company.

Maybe not.

Haha, I like your very literal moving company. I'm not sure how they'd stay in business, but I suppose if they're that dedicated and good at what they do... that'll sort itself out!