Tuesday November 8th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: at a loss for words.

America? America. What in the fuck, America?

Feeling too depressed and sickened to say much more than that right now.


Really? This is who
you've chosen? Is this some kind
of practical joke?

*     *     *

Understanding does
not live here. Logic has moved
out. Reason is gone.


Greg said...

I'm rather amused by the election to tell the truth: Trump was getting just too much attention for me to believe the polls, especially since most people would think that saying they were voting for Hillary is what other people wanted to hear. So I wasn't enormously surprised, though I was a little disappointed. Neither candidate really seemed to be the right one, but this one has the potential to be so much more unpredicatable than the other :-D
I hear Canada's immigration website exploded after the election though!
It's impossible to choose between your haiku today: the message you have is clear and well-presented in both cases. Well done... I guess :)

At a loss for words
So very silent,
It is the opposite of

Lacunae open in his
Sentences. Don't speak.

[The acrostic is a bit obscure, but if you have no words, then sigils might be the next best way to communicate.]

morganna said...

We're sorry and sad.
Please accept our apologies.
Signed, the other half

Marc said...

Greg - I think people thought there was no right choice. Apparently not enough realized there was a wrong choice. Anyway, we shall see how it plays out.

Yeah, the site crashed as the results slowly became clearer during the night. Amusing, but I doubt many will follow through with it :)

I appreciate the clever acrostic you managed to come up with, and then execute. I think I like your second best, though it's a close call.

Morganna - the sentiment is appreciated and understood, completely. I hope that things work out better for everyone than... well, better than how it looks like it's going to.