Wednesday November 2nd, 2016

The exercise:

Write about: the spiral.

Work went quickly this morning at the bakery, with just enough customers to keep me feeling busy. Starting to see more of the winter crowd now, which is good.

This afternoon the four of us went out to rake up some of the leaves in the front yard that have fallen from the walnut trees. Kat was raking with Miles on her back and I was working with Max. We got about half the yard done, hoping to get the rest done tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, before I forget, here's a picture of the view from where I was helping with the move:

And now... I need to get this posted on time. So I should get this writing stuff figured out.


"Have you seen the latest sales forecasts for our department?"

"No, sorry. I've been trying to stay out of the gutter recently. New Year's resolution."


"It's either laugh or cry these days, man. I know which one I'd rather be doing."

"Yeah, but it doesn't matter, does it? With the numbers looking the way they're looking, we'll all be out of work soon enough. Won't matter then if you walk out the door laughing or leaving a river of tears behind you."

"A river of...? Good lord, man! Pull it together!"

"This company is spiraling out of control. Nobody else in our industry is even thinking about hiring. You want me to pull it together? Maybe you can tell me your secret. What's keeping you so bloody calm these days?"

"Me? Oh, that's easy enough. Here, I'll share the secret of my serenity with you."

"It's in your water bottle? What, staying hydrated is the... wait. Is this vodka?"

"Take a big swig, my friend. Everything will seem more manageable soon enough..."


Greg said...

That view is stunning! Is the switchback a road or part of a garden? Either way I kind of want to own it, and sit there drinking in the view and waiting for the mist to roll in and engulf me :)
This story made me laugh today! Even the first couple of lines caught me, so well done with getting the humour out so fast! I love the imagery too, especially the river of tears and the secret of serenity. However, and I'm sure you must know that this is coming: this needs continuing ;-)

The spiral
"Magdalena!" David's mouth hung slightly agape and it was fully two seconds before he realised and closed it. Ernest fancied that he might have herad the faintest click of teeth coming together.
"Trick or treat?" Her eyes still glittered and she was as still as the statue she resembled. Behind David Father Ignatz was smiling beatifically, and at the reception desk the clerks were gathering and watching as well. David swallowed, his Adam's apple bobbing in his throat, and he reached out and gently touched her left hand.
"Trick," she said, turning her hand over and opening it. In her palm was a thick, flat disc of plastic the same size as a two-royal coin. A spiral of intertwining black and white paths reached from the centre to the outer edges. David picked it up and turned it over; the same spiral design was on the other side of the disc as well.
"It's a purse," said Magdalena.
David concentrated, and Ernest recognised the look on his friend's face from similar occasions in many cases. David was gently reaching out with his magical senses and power to understand the enchantment on the coin, reaching it like a blind man reads Braille. After a few seconds he smiled, a rare, pure smile of joy, and said, "Fiat denarii". There was a soft pinging sound and the coin seemed to evert itself, depositing five pennies into David's hand.
"It's not a wealthy purse," said Magdalena. "How are you, Doctor Suture? And are these your friends?"
"So formal, Magdalena," said David, somehow making the pennies disappear back into the purse. "Have you forgotten my first name?"
"David, then."
"Thank-you. I am well, though I am here for a sad occasion. This," he gestured to Ernest, "is Lord Derby, and this," his gesture towards Ignatz was cursory, "is Father Ignatz. Gentlemen, this is Magdalena Doul, who taught me subtleties about the Laws of Contagion and Submission and who, last I heard, was working for the Lords-Magical."
"Just Lord Thereau," said Magdalena, inclining her head. "It's a real privilege to work so closely with someone so intelligent. I miss the teaching sometimes, but the learning compensates. But Lord Derby! Are you working or here for the funeral only?"
Ernest bowed. "I am honoured, Miss Doul," he said. "I am mostly here for the funeral, though there might be some work for me to do it seems. This is Lieutenant Climes, who you might know?"
"I think we run similar errands from time to time," said Magdalena. The glitter in her eyes subsided a little when she looked at Samual, and he turned his head and appeared interested in the clerks at the front-desk who were watching the meeting avidly. "David, Lord Thereau would like to invite you to take dinner with him this evening. Unless you have other plans of course?"
David looked at Ernest, who shrugged. "I am sure that Steve will manage without your company David, though we shall be sorry for the loss."
"I'd be delighted," said David to Magdalena. "What time?"

Marc said...

Greg - the switchback is the driveway to the neighboring property, I believe. But yeah, it's pretty amazing to look around from up there.

Delightful continuation, as usual. Though I am left wondering how my prompts impact your tale - how would this have gone on without the need to reference spirals in some way? The prompt that really got this thought going was definitely 'trick or treat', though.

Anyway! Enjoyed, as always. So pleased to see this continuing, also as always :)