Tuesday November 1st, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the rise and fall.

Making a point of getting this published tonight, on time. Starting to feel like that 'days in a row' counter up top is a bit of a lie and I'd rather it not be.

Spent some time in town this morning with the boys while Kat was with a counselling client. Then spent another four hours up on the mountain helping with moving stuff in the afternoon. Lighter work this time, but still pretty tired out.

Back to the bakery the next couple mornings, then I've got an appointment in Penticton on Friday, a full day of work at the bakery on Saturday, and then we'll either be celebrating Max's birthday on Sunday or Monday (actual birthday).

Busy days ahead.

And behind, really.

Just... busy days.


The sugar rush sends
him screaming skyward; now we
prepare for the crash

*     *     *

Trusted friends, who once
helped him rise to power, now
work to take his place


Greg said...

It's a good number of days-in-a-row and it would definitely be a shame to turn it into a lie. So well done on getting things out of time! And well done with the moving: this is sounding like a week-long effort. Are your friends collectors of entire libraries?
Sorry for the brief hiatus from my end: I was in Manchester for work, being forced to watch Barcelona play City from a corporate box... after a pretty taxing day of meetings and presenting for three hours straight in the morning. It balances. Just.

I like your second haiku better this week, for all I can picture the first one perfectly (too much Hallowe'en candy?). I kind of feel like the second one fits my life better at the moment.

The rise and fall
Some admire empires,
The pinnacle of joint work
Lasting centuries

But I haunt ruins
Picking through decadent junk,
End-times survivor.

Dragonfly Oracle said...

Not haiku, but...
Rise and Fall

Sally sat eagerly in front of Sarina, the psychic. She noticed there lay a purple crystal ball on the table, a clear, pointy crystal hanging on a chain, plus a couple of packs of cards. Sally had never had a reading done before, so she didn't know what to expect.
Sarina sat for a moment, as if contemplating her next move. She picked up the pointy crystal and hung it over first one pack of cards, then another.
Sally watched as the crystal pendulum swung to and fro over the first deck, then did wide circles over the second one.
Sarina chose the second one, shuffled the pack and asked Sally to cut the deck into three piles. She chose the middle one, placing it on top of the stack of the other two. She was ready to deal.
Several cards were placed on the table top, in formation of a cross of sorts, with some on the side.
"Someone seems to be set on a new project," Sarina began. "It has to do with work or business. They want to make money. They believe they have the skill set to do this, based on past experiences. Their partner is unsure, causing doubt, but this person wants to push ahead, there is a lot of energy being put into this, many ideas are flowing, information is being gathered and put together."
Sally looked eagerly on and nodded. It was about her. There was some opposition, or caution, from those close to her, but she was foolhardy enough to want to go ahead. "Yes, yes, that would be me. But what is the outcome?"
Sarina looked at the last card. It was The Tower, but, before answering, she looked back at two more. "There is a rise, here, the cards of success are there and there," she said, pointing to the King of Pentacles and the Nine of Pentacles, "a rise in status and making enough money to feel contented, but..."
"But what?" Sally asked, now sitting on the edge of her chair, leaning forwards, her palms beginning to sweat...
"The rise is followed by a fall, see here..." Sarina pointed to the image of the people falling out of the tall building that had been struck by lightning.
"A sudden, unforeseen change of circumstances could cause a fall, or failure of this venture. It is still your choice. Tread warily."

Marc said...

Greg - hah, sometimes it seems that way. They've got a large space to move into and they collected extra things to bring with them to fill it. And then were unable to sell some of their old stuff before they moved, so that came along as well!

Oh dear, I hope my second haiku isn't *too* close to what's happening in your life!

I like how yours pair together to fit the theme. Very effective.

Dragonfly - no worries about the lack of haiku, I'm just always pleased to see your writing, in whatever form you choose :)

An intriguing scene, to be sure. I wonder if Sally will push onward despite the warning? (My guess is yes)

Dana said...

Marc: in my experience of people, they inevitably push on ahead anyway (like The Fool).