Saturday November 5th, 2016

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: craftsmanship.

Bakery was pretty good today. Ended up with 13 loaves and 11 cinnamon buns to put in the freezer at closing, which isn't too bad for this time of year. Got out of there at a reasonable time as well, which was a bonus.

Also: Shannon was making Max's birthday cake before she left for the day around noon. He is going to love it. Will share pictures on his actual birthday. Which, somehow, is happening on Monday.

Feel like I'm fighting something off, as I haven't been feeling all that well since I got home. Not surprising, considering how hard I've been going lately.

Should probably get to bed at a reasonable time.


Her goal is perfection,
The pursuit is unending.
We say it can't be done,
But her will is unbending.


Greg said...

It's Monday here, so I'm going to start off with "Happy Birthday Max!" I hope it's a wonderful day for you :)
Sounds like a reasonable set of left-overs from the bakery, and while it still feels like May here in Malta I can (just about) remember what November is supposed to feel like... and now I want a cinnamon bun. (Incidentally, being back in the UK at the start of last week and having a chance to experience real weather was joyful.)
I hope you succeed in fighting off the bug!
I know people like the person described in your poem, and I think I've been that person before myself. I like to think I've got better over the years, but that may be perception bias. Still, I love the poem, especially the neat rhyme.

Carpenters (not the singing kind), smiths and sculptors,
Bend naked backs before the overseer's whip,
They heave on oars self-crafted
To power this craftsman-ship.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks for the well wishes :)

The poem was inspired by Shannon working on Max's cake, but I've been that person myself as well at many points in my life. Not sure I can pretend I've gotten much better about it...

Love the take on the prompt. Also the reference to the singing Carpenters :D