Thursday November 24th, 2016

The exercise:

Write about: the prescription.

Inspired by my prescription for T3 that I'm not bothering to get filled (they made me quite nauseous the last time I took them... also: not in that much pain at the moment... knock on wood).

Was getting pretty restless by late afternoon. Hoping to be able to move around a little more tomorrow.

Lest I goes the crazies.


"I'm sorry, you've got a prescription for what?"

"Two weeks bed rest."


"And daily foot rubs."


"And control over the remote, between dinner and bedtime."

"All that for stubbing your toe."

"Hey, I did hit it pretty hard. Like, really hard."

"And you got this from a doctor."

"... of sorts."


Greg said...

You're probably going to be a fairly safe crazy since you can't move much ;-) I think the painkiller prescriptions are often given as a "in case you need it" type thing, as no-one wants to have to go and beg for pain-relief, so if you don't feel you need it don't use it.
Haha, I'd like to see this doctor's credentials! And maybe get a prescription or two from him myself, now I think about it.

The prescription
"Ouch! What Vince?" Dave stuck his freshly-hammered thumb in his mouth to suck it and reduce the pain, and immediately regretted it: the truck he was trying to fix was a silage truck and hadn't been cleaned yet. He spat repeatedly, trying to get the taste out of his mouth.
"What's the difference between prescribed and proscribed? Or is there one?"
"Well it's-" Dave paused, thinking hard. "Right, it's like-. No, wait, it's-. Does it matter?"
"Might do, Dave. Only I can't read your handwriting here, and this is either the prescribed list or the proscribed list.
"Give that here!" Dave grabbed the list and stared it, while Vince pulled his phone out and started tapping the screen. "It's... well, that's clearly an..." He turned the page upside down and back the right way up again. "I think it's a u, actually. It's the purscribed list."
"Yeah, that's not a word Dave," said Vince looking up. "This dictionary says that prescribed are things we're instructed to have, and proscribed is things we're not allowed to have."
"Well read the list then," said Dave. "That'll sort it out."
"Did that," said Vince looking mournful. "See for yourself."
"Item 1:" said Dave, holding the paper in both hands, "Armoured Llamas. What the...?"
"Keep going," said Vince.
"Item 2: Ancient Lamas from Anglesea Lamasary to ride the Armoured Llamas. Item 3: Mandala Munitions. Item 4: Xenophilic Zen Masters. What the hell is this list, Vince?"
"Prescribed or Proscribed," said Vince.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, it'd mostly be an annoying crazy. But I'm able to move around enough and do enough now to hold it at bay. Hurray?

And it was definitely a just in case thing. I'm just glad to not be in need of it.

Hahaha, I love these two. This was a particularly enjoyable entry in their ongoing saga. Can't even pick a favorite part. Thanks for brining them back around for another visit :D