Saturday November 26th, 2016

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the prisoner in the tower.

More rest this morning (and comment catching up!), and early this afternoon as well. Then, with Max off with Kat's parents, Kat, Miles, and I went into town to do some Christmas and grocery shopping. We made a good start on the holiday shopping - now we just need to sort out what's left to get for who.

Nothing on the calendar for tomorrow, but I'm hoping for a combination of rest and getting outdoors for some fresh air and not too strenuous exercise.


They threw me up here
For stealing the crown (twice);
The food is awful,
But at least the view's nice...


Greg said...

You've caught up an impressively long way with the comments! Just so you know, I'm returning to Ernest this week most likely, he's not over yet. I think I need to gather everything so far together and see where I am plotwise with it all to avoid any (more) continuity errors.
Sounds like a not-too-stressful day for you -- well done!
Well, all I can say is if this the second time your prisoner is in the tower for stealing the crown the arresting authorities clearly don't realise how good he is at escaping and stealing crowns! Great, jaunty poem though.

The prisoner in the tower
Though they build skyscrapers of steel and glass,
And pay me handsomely by the hour,
I romantically find myself thinking that
I'm like the fairytale prisoner in the tower....

Marc said...

Greg - thanks! I'm pretty pleased to be this caught up again after being so far behind for so long.

And hurray for more Ernest!

I like your take on the prompt, and am intrigued by your narrator. There's a definite sense of dissatisfaction here, one that I wonder if it will be explored further.