Tuesday November 29th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the setback.

Woke up this morning in a fair amount of discomfort - much worse than I'd felt yesterday. I was worried I'd pushed myself too hard, but I think I just slept in a bad position. Feeling much better now, plus I got a prompt out of it.

Kat had a counselling client this morning so the boys went up to her parents house, since I'm not supposed to be lifting Miles yet. Even though I am. But I'm trying to do it sparingly.

Anyway. I went into town and did a few errands and grabbed a coffee, then came home to rest. Tomorrow will mark one week since the procedure, so I'm hoping the end of the awkwardness and soreness is in sight.


Things were going so...
Well, I guess not. If they were,
how'd I get back here?

*     *     *

Some days it feels like
someone plucks me up and sets
me half a mile back


Greg said...

Congratulations! You're all up-to-date on the comments :) I hope the title for today isn't prescient though....
Sleeping in a bad position is probably right, especially since you sound fine since; maybe you could get one of those dog cones to wear around your waist and force you to sleep in the right position? That could be quite funny to see, actually.
I think I like your second haiku better today, as I have those days. Far more often than I'd like, too.

The setback
Rats! Do not pass Go.
Every time I roll the dice
They turn against me.

Under Winter skies
Rain falls and armies retreat.
No land gained today.

Marc said...

Greg - thank you! I am, sadly, rather proud of the accomplishment. And now I am determined to keep it up.

A dog cone for sleeping in? Hilarious.

Really like the imagery and story you convey in your second haiku. My definite favorite this week.