Tuesday November 22nd, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: winter.

Spent the morning doing some more moving-in work for our friends up on the mountain. They're getting there, definitely, but there's still lots left to do. They'd have less to do if the previous owner's tastes in decor were a little less... pink... and 70's inspired.

As is, I did some work this morning to help them prepare to repaint their bedroom. Also rearranged some furniture and did some outside stuff to help get them ready for winter.

Big day coming up tomorrow, so I'm going to try to get some extra sleep tonight.


Winter is coming.
He's almost here - can't you feel
his breath on your neck?

*     *     *

Autumn's glory fades
to gray and decay, until
white blankets us all


Greg said...

Pink and 70's inspired... was the previous owner Barbara Cartland by any chance? And have your friends considered that a short course in hypnotherapy would be much cheaper than redecorating and give them a whole new outlook on life? Still, I think killing this persistant obsession with the 60s and 70s (with fire, damnit!) is a good thing.
I like your second haiku better this week, though it's a difficult choice again, especially with the reference to A Game of Thrones in the first one. But ultimately the little internal rhyme and the sensation of fading to white wins for me.

Bleak and beautiful
Open landscapes; drifting snow
Reaffirms winter

Each snowflake dreams of
Avalanches. We die of
Snow inhalation.

[Boreas in case you've not heard of him before]

Marc said...

Greg - hah, I'm sure it would. But then all of their guests would need to take the same course... perhaps if there were a group discount?

Ah, thank you for the link - it helped me to appreciate the cleverness of an acrostic I would have otherwise missed quite entirely!

I like your second best this week, as the idea of each snowflake dreaming of avalanches is... well, rather delightfully sinister.