Wednesday November 16th, 2016

The exercise:

Write about: the manager.

With the bakery closed this week, I was available to take Max and Miles to music class this morning. Haven't done that in a long time and I quite enjoyed it. Max danced and laughed a lot and... so did Miles, actually. It's just that I was holding and whirling around with him while Max could bust a move on his own.

I bought a beard trimmer this afternoon. Trying to pretend that doesn't signify me entirely giving up on shaving.

I guess we shall see about that.


"Hey dude, how's it hanging?"

"Dude...? I would appreciate it if you called me sir."

"Hah, good one dude. Anyway, I need tomorrow off."

"Tom...? But you just started yesterday."

"Yeah, I know, right? Oh and thanks again for hiring me, dude. Means a lot, you know?"

"You can't have tomorrow off. I have nobody available to cover your shift."

"I'm sure you'll figure something out, dude. Appreciate it."

"If you don't show up for work tomorrow, don't bother ever coming back."

"What? Why not?"

"Because you'll be fired?"

"Hah, good one dude. See you in a couple days."

"What? No! Get back... not again."


Greg said...

You'll have to update your profile pictures to include the beard then if it's becoming a permanent thing then :). I shall look forward to seeing them!
The music class sounds like fun; you'll have to get them to play Lady Gaga there for you now that you've become educated about her abilities ;-)
Hah, that's quite the way to start work, and it sounds like he's picked the right boss for it too... definitely too much tolerance there and a need for a spine! Still I'm sure it must be fun to call your boss dude -- I wonder if I should try that?

The manager
The knock at the door was two rooms away and deferent and Ernest Derby still woke up nearly instantly. He was very much a morning person, the kind of person David despised, so his brain went from asleep to awake and working in a little over two seconds. As the fist hit the door for the second time he was throwing back the bedcovers and recalling that he' left the dressing gown over the back of an armchair, and by the fifth knock he was at the door to the suite and opening it. Samual looked slightly astonished, so much so that Lord Derby looked down to check that the dressing gown was put on correctly.
"Were you waiting for me to knock?" Samual looked actually distressed. "I had thought you would be asleep...."
"I was," said Ernest. The quick steps to the door had dismissed sleep completely from his mind but he felt just a touch light-headed, doubtless the effect of adrenaline on an empty stomach. "Am I missing something?"
"The hotel kitchen would like to serve you breakfast now," said Samual. "I... I forgot to check what time you wanted it served yesterday evening. I'm sorry, my Lord."
Ernest shook his head, though Samual was already staring at his shoes and missed it. "Ridiculous," he said. "I clearly forgot to tell you my preference also. We can argue over who was more wrong over breakfast -- have you eaten yet?"

Greg said...

"Good. Breakfast for two. Ten minutes, I shall change. You may wait in the sitting room, that way you can let the staff in when breakfast arrives." Ernest disappeared back to the bedroom, certain that he could shower and dress in less than ten minutes, and was remarkably pleased with himself when he achieved it in just under eight minutes. He walked into the sitting room just as another knock came at the door and so opened it himself, leaving Samual open-mouthed and half-standing, half-sitting.
"Magic," said Samual. "They rumour it, but seeing you just makes it harder to disbelieve."
"No magic, just good luck," said Ernest. "And a good idea of how long it would take someone to deliver food from the kitchens to this floor."
They ate in modest silence until Ernest pushed a piece of toast away from his plate, leaned back in his chair, and regarded Samual with thoughtful eyes. Samual swallowed a piece of sausage hastily, and coughed once into his hand.
"Please don't tell me you can deduce the briefing just from seeing me eat, Sir," he said.
"Ha! That would be a fine trick. No, but I think it must be sensitive since David hasn't knocked. So someone, probably yourself, has arranged that someone else, and my money would go to Ms. Doul I think, has invited him to breakfast in order to keep him busy without offending him."
"I shall not gratify you," said Samual with a smile, "since you surely know you are the most intelligent man I've ever met. However yes, I have been detailed to come and tell you that there have been developments with the coffins overnight, and to request you to visit with Lord Vileburn this morning at 10. You are," and Samual's face reddened and his voice grew hoarse, "cordially invited to include your servants in the invitation."
"That sounds like Andy," said Ernest. "We called him Vile at school, you know, and I see he's still playing up to it. Well, developments need to be understood, so I and David will surely be delighted to attend, though I may rephrase the invitation a little when I announce it. Are there plans for this afternoon?"
"None that include you, to my knowledge, Sir."
"Good. Then I want to see the Campion family tomb. Our murderer surely knew that the funeral would be delayed by the enchantments on it, and so I expect that this plays to their advantage somehow. The question is, how, and that is something I cannot answer by myself. I will take David and Ignatz with me to view this and consider the situation."
"I'll talk to the Lords and convey your request," said Samual. He sounded hesitant.
"Thank-you," said Ernest. "Your talents are wasted as a Lieutenant you know. You are an excellent manager and facilitator, have you considered a role more along those lines?"

Marc said...

Greg - hah, we'll see about that. Probably is time to update it anyway though...

I definitely think you should try calling your boss dude. I can't possibly see anything going wrong there.

Impressive inclusion of the prompt as you continue to carry us along for an epic journey with this tale of yours. Enjoyed (and wholly could not relate to) the description of his transition from sleep to waking, and I am liking Samual more and more with each entry he appears in.

I look forward to the examination of the tomb!