Friday December 23rd, 2016

The exercise:

On Christmas Eve Eve, let us write four lines of prose about something that has been: left to the last minute.

Not inspired by real life, you may be surprised to learn. We're pretty much ready to go for the big day here - just a couple presents left to wrap, and I need to type up and print something I've written for Max. Hoping for a busy, short day of work at the bakery tomorrow so I can get things done at a reasonable hour.

Work this morning was very, very quiet. Thankfully things picked up after lunch, as it was time to wrap a few things up for the year (all town offices are now closed until January 3rd).

Looking forward to getting through tomorrow's shift and then taking care of the final preparations for Christmas with my family. I hope you and yours are all set for the festivities as well.


"Hey Erica, what do you think of these boots?"

"Whatever, it's stupid crowded in here, just... wait, I thought you were shopping for Dad?"

"I am, and these look super comfy - plus they're on sale!"

"... have you forgotten he lost both his legs in 'Nam?"


Greg said...

That all sounds good! I'm just hoping for a quiet Christmas day without anything going wrong at work, and then a calmish Boxing day while the football and horse racing all happens around me :)
Hah, I pity Erica having a sibling like that. Though I guess they're maybe thinking their father will be pleased with the reminder of when he had legs?

Left to the last minute
"It never ceases to amaze me, Isabella, how you navigate these mazes so easily!" The woman talking was Marcia Grantham and she'd been traipsing after Isabella Bonfontaine, never shutting up, for nearly two hours now. Isabella was about ready to push her into one of the traps she was so carefully avoiding.
"Oh it's easy," she said casually, "you just go right, right, straight, right, straight, right, straight straight straight straight... and then left at the last minute -- oops!"

Marc said...

Greg - I hope that your Christmas was as quiet as you'd hoped :)

Hah, that 'oops' says it all, doesn't it? Though I do wonder how Isabella continues to get stuck with these rather terrible clients...