Friday December 30th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: vanity.

Successful shop this morning. Ended up getting a new winter jacket (reg price $150, on sale for $80), a pair of warm gloves, and some clothes. Took a long time to find the jacket I wanted, and then ended up having to choose between two that I liked right before I finished. Because of course.

We've got a couple New Year's Eve get togethers planned for tomorrow night. We'll be stopping in to see Shannon (of bakery fame) and her family and a few other friends, then heading back this way for dinner and drinks with Kat's family.

But first I've got an 8 to noon bakery shift to do. So... sleepy time.


The building plans called this a walk-in closet. It's more like an airport hanger closet. I've never seen so many clothes in my life - shirts, pants, shoes, socks, belts, ties, and on, and on, and on...

It seems rather silly to have so many options, really, considering I would make a black plastic garbage bag look good.


Greg said...

It sounds like you got a couple of bargains there! And yes, of course you can't find the jacket till the end, and then find two at once. I'm pretty sure that shops are deliberately arranged like that too; it's what the shop assistants are for. To lead you round so that you end up buying both of them because it's easier than choosing and it took so long to find either.
The New Year Eve parties sound good! I'm being forcibly taken to a New Year's Day lunch tomorrow; I've suggested, repeatedly, that they just skype me in but apparantly my attendance is being compelled. I'm sulking in the meantime purely because I'm not getting my own way.
Well done on getting started on the comments again :) You're only about a week behind though, so it's not too bad!
Hmm, well I like the sound of the closet, though the speaker must really be something to look at! I love their confidence, not so sure about the attitude :)

"Tom Wolfe's vanity tables," said the Auctioneer with a slightly worried smile. "Still smouldering a touch." There was a half-strangled scream from somewhere deep in the audience, and though a few heads turned here and there the remainder were all focused on the auctioneer, waiting to be able to start bidding.
"Shush, henchling," said Bill patting a slightly smouldering henchling on the shoulder, "I'm pretty sure the bonfire will stay out till after it's been taken off the premises."

Marc said...

Greg - yes, I think that's what the shop assistants get up to when there are no customers in the store to keep them occupied.

I hope your New Year's lunch was reasonably bearable for you :)

Hah! And, once more, that poor, poor henchling...