Friday December 9th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the party band.

Sold out of most everything at the bakery today and ended up closing shortly after 3, which let me get out of there by 4. Came home, had a little nap, and then headed to the community centre for the Christmas party.

Food was good, got to chat with a few people I knew, got to meet some new folks. Music was good but I needed to get out of there early, what with working tomorrow morning at 8.

Speaking of which... it's probably bedtime. So...


"Hey, where do you want us to set up?"

"Right over there would be perfect."

"Behind the curtains... but then nobody will be able to see us playing!"

"That would be for the best, really, seeing as you're all rather... unfortunate to look at."


Greg said...

Sounds like a nice enough party, though I did spot your comment where you said it would have been better if you'd known more people. I sympathise: I have to go to a Christmas party on Monday where I'll know practically no-one: it's for our new acquisition, and I think I'll be their Head of Product for a few months until we sort out a product owner for them.
I feel oddly sorry for the band now; playing behind the curtain is one thing, but being told that you're unsightly is another! I guess they must be trying out interesting costumes or have poor personal hygiene... maybe they are better off behind the curtain after all!

The party band
"Did you forget that Dad's turning 70 when you decided to hire half a dozen strippers?"
"I didn't hire the strippers, I hired the band, so don't you go getting all up in my face, grrrrl!"
"You come right back here now, that's no better at all! Who in their right mind hires a death-metal orchestra for a septegenarian's birthday party?"

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

These poor bands—one with a look for radio and one with the prospect of someone trying to deny a septegenarian their music (possibly).

What cracks me up about that thought is that I know people who'll probably still like that general kind of music fifty years down the road. I have no clue how hearing will be, but we'll burn that bridge when we get there.
— — — — —
Benny didn't wear it anymore for fear of losing it, but he still kept the band in his accordion case for safekeeping. In various run-ins with that now-scattered party of friends, everyone had kept what were ostensibly glorified friendship bracelets—although Meg still insisted that in the long-run "band" was a better, grander, and more versatile word.

But no one had heard anything from Lucy, and among other things they all wondered, had she kept hers?

Benny liked to think so, but after the years of silence, despite his usual optimism he really couldn't be sure.

Marc said...

Greg - I hope your Christmas party wasn't too miserable for you!

Hah, now this is a party I think I'd like to attend. At least for a little while :)

g2 - I quite like the idea of 70 year olds still listening to the music they enjoyed as younger folk. I mean, that's what they do now... it's just that music fifty years ago did not include death metal :D

Ah, I like your take on the prompt very muchly. A clever turn, and well executed at that!

Also: nice to see some somewhat regular comments from you on here :)