Tuesday December 27th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about something/someone that is: evasive.

Sorry for all the late postings recently. I shall try to put an end to them again, this time for good.


Roadblock dead ahead!
Take evasive maneuvers?
Nah. Step on the gas.

*     *     *

Answer the question!
This is your very last chance:
Where were you last night?


Greg said...

It's Christmas and you have a young family -- I'm sure we all understand that :) Late postings certainly aren't the end of the world!
I can't choose between your two haiku this week, they both have stories to tell -- maybe they're even parts of the same one -- and they both are enticing. I like the natural flow of the first, and the urgency and anger of the second especially.


Dirt over windows,
Oil lamps burn low, airships rise;
Dodger captains one.

Great sails unfurl, the
Eye sees an armada come.
Race to evade them.

Marc said...

Greg - eh, I don't like making excuses, regardless of the situation. But yes, things certainly are busier around here than they used to be :)

Thank you for the kind words on mine!

Ah, a return to the acrostic haiku! I approve. Also: I really love the first two lines of your first, and how its third ties the two haiku together so nicely with the acrostic. Very nicely done :D