Sunday December 11th, 2016

The exercise:

Just two weeks until Christmas already, huh? Well, if you say so...

Today we shall write about: the sleigh.

Took it pretty easy today. Still falling asleep on the couch this evening. I better get to writing.

Edit: And... too late. Sigh.


Start of the night,
So red and bright;
Full of Christmas joy
And little toys...

End of the ride:
Paint chipped off the sides,
A torn and empty sack...
And happy to be back.


Greg said...

I think Christmas is going to go past without me noticing this year, since we've gotten this close and it doesn't feel like it's happening. Malta has decorations up, and Christmas parties and everything, but the weather's all wrong and so I'm kind of not paying attention. It might be best if I never move to the southern hemisphere then, as I'll miss everything because it's all happening in the wrong conditions!
Hah, I like the second stanza of your poem: it tells a story all by itself! Nice job!

The sleigh
Sleigh bells ring,
Children glisten.
They're in pain,
They are blist'ring.
A beautiful sight
For the demons tonight
Who've taken over Winter Wonderland.

Gone away are the heroes,
Here to stay are the zeroes,
And the icicle kids
Chained to electrical grids
Are powering this Winter Wonderland

In the meadow we can draw a circle
To summon up an Elder God or two
They'll say: Are you tasty?
We'll say: No man!
But they'll still eat us
While we wonder what to do.


For sale: one sleigh, slightly used. Odd char marks, and the psychically inclined may hear tormented screams when riding it for long periods of time. Bargain price, inquire within.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I spent one Christmas in New Zealand while I was travelling. Was... very different to be barefoot on a beach on the big day. Didn't feel like Christmas, though I was surrounded by many good friends.

Fantastic job on the alternate carol lyrics - it flows perfectly! Which is rather terrifying, really. Anyway! Nicely done. I think the middle stanza is my favorite :)