Tuesday December 20th, 2016

The exercise|

Write two haiku about: snowflakes.

Woke up to warmer temperatures and snow this morning. Snow that, by afternoon, was finally the right texture for Max to make a snowman. Thank goodness.

He's only been wanting to do that since before the first snowflake fell this year.

I wasn't around to help with it though. I got a call just before nine asking me to start my coverage at Planning and Development Services today instead of tomorrow. Like, come in as soon as you can make it, the lady you're covering for is leaving now.

I got there a bit after ten and it went pretty well. I was happy to get the extra hours and it was nice to have an early start on some of the tasks I'll be doing (mostly processing business license renewals) for the next few days.

And now, rather suddenly, I seem to be working every day from now until Christmas. I guess we'll have to work on present wrapping in the evenings.


Each one is unique?
If you say so. I ain't got
time to prove you wrong.

*     *     *

They link together,
hand in hand in hand, to form
frozen white blankets


Greg said...

It's good to hear the planning and development services could use a little forward... planning. Oh.
Not so good perhaps that you're working every day this week now, but then again, perhaps you have plans for the money from it :)
And it sounds like the snowman for Max was also a good thing, so a positive day overall!
I really like the imagery in your second haiku today, so that's the winner this time!

If you plant snowflakes
Snowmen will grow. Snowwomen
Too if you're lucky.

Two billion snowflakes.
Their camels refuse to start,
The wise men come late.

Marc said...

Greg - the money was most welcome, certainly. It did end up being a bit of tough stretch, for both Kat and myself, but I think it was worth it.

I quite like your first, but the idea of camels refusing to start in your second easily makes it my favorite this week :D