Saturday December 31st, 2016

The exercise:

Today feels like a good time to write a four line poem about a: New Year's Eve party.

Work alternated between busy and quiet this morning, but I hope that most of what was left when my shift ended managed to be sold before closing.

Parties were good. Ended up going to Kat's parents place first, then to Shannon's party. Max was excited to have two dinners, but then he ate so much at Grandma and Papa's that he didn't want to eat anything at Shannon's.

Happy New Year's to you guys. I hope 2017 is a good one for all of us.


A new year approaches
On drunken, stumbling feet,
Bringing new challenges
I am not prepared to meet...


Greg said...

Happy New Year! I'm sure 2017 will be interesting and manage to be unexpected as well, and I'm happy enough to see what it brings and what happens. Your parties sound like they were fun, and I especially like Max getting excited over having two dinners but then only managing to eat one of them!
I'm sure the New Year will be a little more positive than your poem suggests, but I completely see where you're coming from!

New Year's Eve party
Every year, the same old dismal, dreary dance,
Where people gather sadly and look one another askance.
Where did the time go, what happened to our lives?
Why don't we have drinks yet, and what's happened to our wives?

Marc said...

Greg - interesting and unexpected sounds about right, really. And yes, that's Max for you.

Haha, those first three lines had me headed in one direction, and then the finale spun me right around completely! Beautifully done :)