Tuesday December 13th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: karaoke.

Managed to get a whole lot of nothing done today. Well, other than get caught back up on comments again.

Oh, also got a call from Town Hall. I'll be working at Planning and Development Services three 8-4 days in a row to end next week. So, with those being the last working days before Christmas, I expect I'll mostly just be keeping the seat warm.

Which is fine by me, seeing as these will be my first shifts covering for this department.

In other news, I feel like Christmas is approaching a little faster than I'd like. Still need to get some things done ahead of the big day and could use some extra time for that.


You want me to do
karaoke? Ain't enough
liquor in the world.

*     *     *

He belts out old tunes
every Saturday night.
We wish he wouldn't.


Greg said...

Getting caught up on comments and getting work for next week lined up is not nothing! I'd say you had a productive day, even if it wasn't everything you'd intended it to be!
Planning and Development Services sounds intriguing though: I'm just trying to figure out how all this goes together. I'm guessing you'll sit at a desk that three times larger than it needs to be for the tiny (but powerful) computer on it with your hands folded together in front of you and your best Bond-villain smile on your face. Luckless citizens will come in to tell you their problems, and after a short silence in which it's clear you would be face-palming if that weren't unprofessional you'll provide them with a plan for their personal development that will make them into a better person who wouldn't be in the mess they've found themselves in. People who let themselves be taken for granted will be forced to watch A Clockwork Orange over and over again until they develop healthy sociopathic tendancies, people who overspend on their credit cards at holiday periods will be encouraged to put themselves up for adoption by wealthy, elderly childless couples needing someone to leave their riches to and ever now and then you'll grin broadly and recommend... surgery.
I think I like your second haiku better today because of the last line. I've been subject to karaoke too many times (i.e. more than none) and I've found myself wishing that every time.

Empty orchestra
Where vile oni howl and scream
This is hell for us

She spent thousands on
Singing lessons. Now she does
Sad karaoke

Marc said...

Greg - and here I am once again, catching up on comments. Doing my best to stay on top of it and not let it get completely out of hand yet again. I'd rather respond every night but that hasn't been possible lately. At least I've got a little time tonight though!

Hah, I like your vision of Planning and Development Services. In reality, it sounds like I'll be processing a lot of business license payments next week. I'll try to sneak in some of your suggestions though!

Your second haiku makes me wonder - is she doing sad karaoke because she spent so much money on lessons, or because she likes sad songs? Either way... I like that one best :)