Saturday December 3rd, 2016

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: Santa school.

Work at the bakery was fine today, though I'm certainly the most tired I've been in a while right now. Definitely the hardest I've pushed myself since the vasectomy, so I'm going to try to get to bed early'ish tonight.

Need to give the final installment of House of Mercy some thought, so it won't be tomorrow. Maybe Monday?


A swarming sea of Santas
Are learning to be jolly,
Though plying them with liquor
Must surely lead to folly...


Greg said...

Overall I think you've done better than I was expecting with the bakery -- I was definitely anticipating you being more than a bit tired and in need of sleep (isn't that your base-state, anyway? ;-) )
Well, I think Santas are more jolly after applications of liquor, so I can't see anything wrong with your poem today... :-D

Santa school
If Mary gets eighteen presents and Johnny gets a train,
Santa's maths gets questioned, so it's back to school again!
Now the kids get textbooks and the bad ones are detained,
And Santa's off to cooking school -- he's wants to be retrained.

Marc said...

Greg - what, you were figuring something rupturing, maybe me being rushed to the hospital? Huh, is that it?! Well... I wouldn't blame you :P

Still feeling pretty worn out today, actually. Almost fell asleep right before I finished today's post. Made it in under the wire though!

Hah, love the story your poem tells. Poor Santa!