Saturday February 13th, 2010

The exercise:

This week's four line poem topic is: double date.

Kat and I are going out for our Valentine's Day dinner tonight... with my parents. Now if that ain't romance, I just don't know what is.


Four hearts
Beating as two
One love
Just in four hues


Greg said...

That is kind of sweet; I hope you're agreed on where to go :) I'm off out to a chocolate-making workshop with my other half, which I think should be both original and fun. Plus you get to keep the chocolates you make when you leave.

Your poem is very sweet too :)

Double date

I came with my girlfriend,
You came with my mum.
This partner-swapping double-date,
Now seems really dumb.

Marc said...

Yeah, we went out to a great seafood restaurant that is just above the beach. It was a very stormy night so the waves were pretty impressive.

I hope you two had fun with the chocolate - both making and consuming it :)

And... your poem put a big smile on my face.

clay said...

I'll try my hand at this one, which probably shows more about my experience with dating than anything else :)

I forgot my medicine;
The voices number three.
I guess I'm on a double date -
The girl & me, and me & me