Saturday February 27th, 2010

The exercise:

Last night was good times. Lots of laughs with good peoples. Even a little bit of writing got done :)

I didn't get home until quarter to two so I'm feeling a little bagged today. But I really enjoyed getting to meet everyone last night and I'm looking forward to more Protagonize meet-ups in the future - maybe even a massive one that could become an annual event. 

That would be sweet.

Your four line poem this week, in honor of Canada tying the Winter Olympics record just now, is: gold rush.

Team Canada gets a rematch against the Americans in the men's hockey final tomorrow for a shot at breaking the record.


Alright lads, let's circle up the wagons
Because sweet Lord at last we done struck gold!
So get yourself ready for enemies
Whose naked greed will make your blood run cold.


Greg said...

Heh, but if we do a massive one, in the interests of everyone having to travel, we'd have to find a small island in the middle of the Atlantic to hold it on! A Protagonize conference (sounds better than convention) would be a superb idea though :)

Congratulations on Canada's record-breaking! Reading the news article, I see that it's quite an achievement.

I like the wild-west theme of your poem, but four lines are hard to critique unless they're dreadful :)

Gold Rush

He said he was a modern Moses
But things just didn't gel,
His silver basket, the golden rushes,
-- He's leading us all to hell.

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Marc said...

Greg - a small island get together sounds fine to me :P

I'll agree with you on the difficulty of critiquing four line poems, but I'll still say I liked yours :)

WriteUp Cafe - that's an interesting idea, I'll have to have a look. Thanks for dropping by :)