Tuesday February 9th, 2010

The exercise:

Tonight is drumming night so I'm keeping it short and to the point. Your Two Haiku Tuesday topic this week: bonfire.


Conversation flowed
Like rivers to the ocean
'Til the fire was lit

*     *     *

I see the faces
Of fiery demons screaming -
But I still find peace


Greg said...

Hope the drumming class is good! Do you get much time to practice outside of class?
I like both haikus, and that the second kind of continues from the first. I can't choose a favourite this week, they're both pretty great!


Your bonfire pollutes
Its carbon footprint is huge.
Stop burning this coal.


It is a bonfire
Not a barbecue for ten.
Take your meat and go.

morganna said...

Tall flicking flames glow
Risk all, leap high, dare the fire.
Black shadows applaud.

Marc said...

Greg - I think last night was my favorite class so far :)

Kat and I have smaller djembe drums at home, so I do get a bit of practice in. I've also become prone to drumming on my desk at work. And on my chair. And on the bathroom wall...

Glad you liked both of my haiku! And... I think I like your first one best. But not my much!

Morganna - ooh, that really paints a scene and the mood. I like that a lot.

Tristan said...

(These might be brother and sister haikus.)

In preparation
twigs are laid like Lincoln Logs.
Tinder for the beast.
I see the smoke rise.
Incensed, I launch my body.
Idea's funeral pire.