Wednesday February 10th, 2010

The exercise:

Your prompt today, from the rainy host of the Winter Olympics, is: the great escape.


The opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics are Friday night here in Vancouver, so that can only mean one thing: I'm getting the hell out of the city.

Kat and I are heading over to Vancouver Island tomorrow to spend the weekend with my parents. We'll be coming back on Sunday, which could be interesting traffic-wise. But it's bound to be better than trying to get to and from work on Friday - particulalry the commute home, when people will be flooding into downtown for the events and celebrations.

I'm sure my commute next week and the week after will be quite the adventures, but I'm glad that I'll be able to avoid what's expected to be the worst day. I'm going to do my best to enjoy the experience of the world coming to visit but I'm not exactly a big fan of crowds. We'll see how it goes.

And, in all sincerity: go Canada go!


Greg said...

I'm with you on the crowds, I hate them. Sounds like you've got exactly the right plan, to be out of the way for the worst of them. And I look forward to seeing what prompts having to deal with them on your commute brings up!

I still think you could write an editorial column for a newspaper somewhere :)

The great escape

"What's wrong with Sylvestra?" Dr Septopus tried to avoid having to ask the Green Lightbulb any questions that weren't leading, as his answers tended to be so oblique that even a Delphic Oracle would have complained to the Trade Descriptions Authority.
"Her fish supper disagreed with her," said the Green Lightbulb, smirking and trying to hide it. He was sat in front of a large mirror surrounded with photographs of himself and newspaper cuttings of his activities carefully applying makeup.
"Her fish supper...?"
"The Kalahari Kalamari broke into her cosmetics factory and ate two of her Avon ladies. I think they were working on a production line or something."
Dr Septopus started, his tentacles flailing around and nearly knocking the Green Lightbulb's pots and jars over. "He ate people? But he's supposed to be a hero! And he doesn't do anything without a television camera watching!"
"That's what Sylvestra's saying. She says that getting out of the factory alive was a great escape."
Dr Septopus watched the Green Lightbulb carefully, like a lepidopterist eyeing up a new species of butterfly. There was something he wasn't saying.
"What else did she say?" he asked, his beak clacking gently as he tried to be subtle.
"Come on, Green, she said more than that, didn't she?"
"No. She's a weak little sissy and she was lucky to get out with her life and skin intact."
"I blew the factory up with Ugh Yukky Tentacles inside it," said Sylvestra, her shadow contriving to arrive thirty seconds ahead of her.

morganna said...

Fleeing for life
Darting here darting there
Always hiding she's after me
I know I'm supposed to want her, but this
Praying mantis wants to keep his head.
Hiding in the leaves she's
Coming over ...

Marc said...

Greg - hah, yeah it'll be interesting to see just how cranky I'll get :P

"Dr Septopus watched the Green Lightbulb carefully, like a lepidopterist eyeing up a new species of butterfly."


Morganna - praying mantis are terrifying. I think you captured that well :)

Anonymous said...

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Veerannan said...

Rabindranath Tagore is of the opinion that fate plays a mysterious role in everyone's life. All our actions are firmly controlled by it. No one in this world, irrespective of their caste, birth, status,etc., can escape from the tricky grip of the hand of fate. This permanent force not only rules the mankind, but also makes permanent dent in the lineage of every individual. We all look at kings and envy their status and temporal powers that they wield. But we have never realized the underlying fact that kings are the most cursed beings under the sun. Not a single day passes without their mentally dying from unknown fears. They always undergo nightmares even in the day time. We should be happy to have been blessed by the Almighty with humble birth.


My love, deep in my heart
Lies a wavering thought.
Messages from your speaking eyes
Carry not your assailing feelings.
One gentle kiss on my dry lips
May make immortal and live
On par with my Maker.
When will be the day
I can write an epic of love
On your holy body with my lips.