Tuesday February 2nd, 2010

The exercise:

Your Two Haiku Tuesday prompt this week: the getaway.

Drumming class again tonight, so I'll just get right to it.


The slick bank robbers
Were caught thanks to their sleeping
Getaway driver

*     *     *

I'm ready to leave,
To run, to walk, even crawl,
'Til I feel alive.


summerfield said...

hi, marc. i have never written a haiku (and the last time i wrote a rhymed poem was years ago when..well, years ago.) but there's always a first time, isn't it?

i have had enough
of hockey and horse racing
of basketball and football;

sports commentaries
news analysis and now
damn that super bowl.

did i just break the 'haiku' rule? and i meant no offence to sports fans. :-)

summerfield said...

me again.

i forgot to explain how my little "poem" there relates to today's prompt. well i think i had just verbalized my reasons for wanting out of this house. so that's my getaway? oy, whatever.

Greg said...

Hmm, I must be tired this morning, I can't think of anything particularly interesting to write here. Oh well, hope the drumming class is a good one!

I like the humour of your first haiku, but I prefer the second overall.

@summerfield: I like both of yours but I prefer the second I think.

the Getaway

Her head turns away;
Softly as the rains of Spring
I flee her drama.


Surprise holiday,
Two days in the summer sun:
Precious getaway.

Marc said...

Summerfield - well you've come to the right place to practice :)

Haha, I liked yours, though the first one does break the haiku 'rule'. They go 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second, and 5 for the third.

Practice makes improvement! :)

Greg - it took me a second reading to get your first one (blame my tired brain) but now that I do I like it best :D